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Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome to my website!

I believe in offering ethical and moral readings and healings for the highest and greatest good to the clients and in the highest respect to their situation.

I believe in life long spiritual learning, as life in itself; is an experience! I love and enjoy constantly learning and seeking to understand everyone as we all strive for peace and love.

I don’t see myself as a traditional Shaman, as they are born into the traditional custodian rights of being a Shaman, however, I do see myself as learning more about Neo-Shamanism or contemporary Shamanism.

I don’t see myself in the Spiritual community either, but more as an ally in bridging many communities together.

We are here to learn to show kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love for one another as well as ourselves in our life path and life plan.

Shamanism is a life-long learning process, where the Shaman is constantly learning from their patients and is constantly working with Spirit to help guide them. However, the Shaman’s role is to empower people – not to teach them. The real teacher….is indeed Spirit!

Sending much love and blessings to all xo

Elizabeth Featherchild (Libby)

What does SHAMAN mean?

So where does the term, “Shaman” come from? It comes from the Tungus people of Siberia which has been adopted widely by anthropologists to refer to a person of non-Western cultures who were previously known by such terms as “witch”, “witchdoctor” “sorcerer”, “wizard”, “medicine man” “seer”, “magician” or “magic man”. One the advantages of using the term that it lacks the prejudicial overtones. Furthermore, not every witchdoctor or medicine man is a shaman.

Shamans can be both men and women through gaining an alternate state of higher consciousness can help, support, and guide other people. Through the understanding of these higher state of consciousness (also known as Shamanic state of consciousness when a Shaman is in a trance), a shaman can help get to a root cause of the problem if it is a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual to a patient.

Shamans work with both Spirit to help their patients. Shamans in many cultures around the world want what is best for their patients and to ensure that they get better.

shamanic life energy
Shamanism comes from all corners of the Globe. We can learn so much from this Native Wisdom. 



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